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Cryo Gaming, объявили о том что полюбившийся многим новый чемпионат TNA - Trackmania Nations Arena #2 пройдет в январе 2009 года а точнее регистрация откроется 3 января старт чемпионата 28 января. Формат чемпионата 5х5, данная лига находится в I1 Category  по начислению очков в рэйтинге команд



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Trackmania Rankings opens its doors!
Trackmania Rankings is a website which references teams, players and competitions, in order to establish an interesting and always current ranking of the different teams and players of Trackmania Forever. It includes a Trackmania Nations Forever ranking, but also a Trackmania United Forever ranking.

However, there are probably still a lot of mistakes and incomplete files, and we are aware of it. Therefore, we'll ask you to do your best to help us with making this website better and better: we will keep the "beta-mode" for a few time, so that everyone can tell us about players and teams missing in the database. Notice that we do not need to add players and teams which have never participated in any competition, because anyway, they would not appear in the ranking. Reading the FAQ will let you know how to ask for modifications.

Now, let's talk about the ranking itself. The different competitions are divided into 8 categories. It's obvious that not every competition brings the same amount of points. For winning the most important competitions (such as ESWC, GC, NC, STC, UL), teams/players will get 168 points, for example.

If you are in a team, your team's results influence your personal ranking (we know that being in a strong team does not necessarily mean you ... Читать дальше »
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