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Trackmania Rankings

Trackmania Rankings opens its doors!
Trackmania Rankings is a website which references teams, players and competitions, in order to establish an interesting and always current ranking of the different teams and players of Trackmania Forever. It includes a Trackmania Nations Forever ranking, but also a Trackmania United Forever ranking.

However, there are probably still a lot of mistakes and incomplete files, and we are aware of it. Therefore, we'll ask you to do your best to help us with making this website better and better: we will keep the "beta-mode" for a few time, so that everyone can tell us about players and teams missing in the database. Notice that we do not need to add players and teams which have never participated in any competition, because anyway, they would not appear in the ranking. Reading the FAQ will let you know how to ask for modifications.

Now, let's talk about the ranking itself. The different competitions are divided into 8 categories. It's obvious that not every competition brings the same amount of points. For winning the most important competitions (such as ESWC, GC, NC, STC, UL), teams/players will get 168 points, for example.

If you are in a team, your team's results influence your personal ranking (we know that being in a strong team does not necessarily mean you are strong, but players make the results of a team, and so they completely deserve to get some points for the individual ranking).
Your individual results also influence the ranking of your team.

This ranking is "always current" because the amount of points teams and players have is based on their results over the last 6 months. A competition result becomes "inactive" at the beginning of the sixth month after the end of the competition.

What's really cool is that everyone can see everyone else's information in just a few clicks. Players are teams can add the different RSS feeds coming from Trackmania Rankings to their own website: news, results, rankings...

TrackMania Rankings has their own Forum, in which you can talk about everything that concerns Trackmania Rankings. Feel free to ask questions about the website. Suggestions are, of course, also welcome.

We are currently looking for administrators, because running such a website is a huge amount of work. There are various tasks for which we need assistants, but there are some conditions you need to be aware of before applying:

- You have to be someone the head-admins completely trust.
- You have to speak english (you must at least understand it, and you must be understandable by anyone).
- You have to be motivated, and aware of the fact that administrating such a website is a huge amount of work.

Please send your application mail to lg2303 at orange dot fr. You can also contact us on IRC, at #rankings.tm on Quakenet.

Here are the different administrator categories we have to strengthen:

- Newswriter:
This is the category that you have to speak good English for. On Trackmania Rankings, there must be news concerning the most important competitions.

- Database Administrator:
This is the most important part of Trackmania Rankings. You will have to manage teams' line-ups and competitions results. A perfect knowledge of the Trackmania Community is therefore required. Speaking French would be preferred, but not obligatory.

When you write your e-mail, please specify which category you are applying for, and the game you are specialized in (Trackmania United or Trackmania Nations).

If you find Trackmania Rankings is an interesting concept, and want to know more about it, you can read the following things:

>>> Competitions & Categories FAQ>>> Team Modifications FAQ
>>> Player Modifications FAQ
>>> Points Calculation & Formulas FAQ
>>> RSS Feeds FAQ

Now it is time for us to show you the amazing video SkyniGht made for us, on the occasion of the official release of Trackmania Rankings.

Trackmania Rankings

HQ version (50,8 MB)

Video credits

Thanks to Atze-Peng, Bergie, Bramble, Cibermix, Davidd, Ramiro Junior, Skynight and Zooz, for their involvement and their enthousiasm during the beta-testing phase, and of course thanks to Lolomax and Rastaben, because both did a great job filling up the database with the information it now contains. Last but not least, congratulations to Duke, who got the first ideas about Trackmania Rankings, and who entirely developed it.

Hoping you'll get an entire satisfaction from TrackMania Rankings, and that it will become a useful tool,

The TM-Rankings Crew.
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6 KerpluNk  
я сам нашёл tongue
если кому тоже понравилась то насз Just Jack- Stars In Their Eyes

5 KerpluNk  
ктонибудь знает что за музыка играет в видео? tongue

4 ProStreet  
нет ещё не зарегил) система не как в есл тут всё проще)

3 BoBaN_ON  
втф? ты нас там зарегил или это самомоу надо делать как на есл? присоедениться к команде и все такое?

2 ProStreet  
прежде всего это открытие сайта http://www.tm-rankings.com/ который вбирает в себя новости,анонсы чемпионатов,капов атакже рейтинги игроков,команд которые складываются из выйграных чемпов и капов) для регистрации нуна на форуме создать отдельную тему по шаблону в соответствующей ветке....забавно они вчера сделали в мания линке новость а сегодня удалили...наверно изза неисправности рейтинговой таблицы)

1 KerpluNk  
перевёл бы чтоле
что за ранк зачем нужен , какой толк с него)

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